Shopify: Starter Plan vs. Basic Plan

Shopify: Starter Plan vs. Basic Plan Compare the two pricing plans you need to know for your business

Shopify: Starter Plan vs. Basic Plan

Here is what you need to know about these two pricing plans.

Shopify Starter Plan vs. Shopify Basic Plan

If you plan to make 2023 your year to start an online business in e-commerce, then this is your chance to do so.

Shopify is now offering a new price plan much lower than the Basic, making it affordable for everyone who wants to start an e-commerce business in 2023.

This new pricing plan is called the Starter plan, and I will tell you more about it in this post.

I will also compare both plans (Starter and Basic) to help you decide which plan is best for your business needs.

Also, the great news is that Shopify is offering a $1 trial with two free months on selected plans. (affiliate link)

Why Shopify?

  • Multiple pricing options, and now has more affordable pricing options to offer.
  • Shopify is a reputable, well-known global brand that is known as one of the best e-commerce platforms on the market.
  • You can sell either in person, online, or both. And, from any part of the world.

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What Do You Need to Know About These Two Price Plans?

What is the Starter Plan?

The Starter Plan is a new plan that Shopify is currently offering to aspiring entrepreneurs interested in or planning on opening a new e-commerce store.

This plan is the most affordable of all the plans available. It starts at $5 per month and is easy and quick to create and launch your store.

Shopify Starter Plan: Open your Store for Less Than $5 a month

Shopify Starter Plan is $5 a month and you can run your store on your smartphone.

The Benefits of the “Starter Plan”

  • It’s affordable. Pricing starts at $5 per month.
  • No coding is needed, or a Shopify website. This allows you to sell directly through social media and messaging apps.
  • No more spending time creating a website for your store if you already have an established social media presence.

The Features of the “Starter Plan”

  • You can have a simple storefront with just a few clicks. No website is needed. All you need are the images and product descriptions for each product.
  • Easily share your products on all your social media and messaging apps. Each post showcasing your products will have a clickable shopping link. This will make it easier for your customers to buy the product directly without leaving the platform.
  • You will also have a bio link for your social media channels, which you can easily monetize.
  • Analytics, order management, and reliable customer support are included in all plans.
  • You can easily upgrade to the Basic plan when your business grows.

Shopify Basic Plan

The Basic plan has been known for years as the “main price” plan for solopreneurs when starting an online business.

Benefits of the Basic Plan

  • The Basic plan normally costs $29 monthly and has a free 14-day trial. However, you can now try it for $1 and get two months free on selected plans.
  • Everything you need to create your store. You can easily sell, ship, and process your payments.
  • You can sell directly in person or online. You can do both, too. You must add a POS Pro Plan for $89 monthly plus your basic plan. POS doesn't qualify for the Starter Plan. The POS Pro Plan is also available on a 3-month trial for $1. Read more to learn more on this blog post:
  • You can sell globally.
  • If you need help with anything (including help with creating and setting up your store), Shopify has a marketplace where you can find the best experts to help you with anything you might need.

Features of the Basic Plan

  • An easy-to-use platform to help you create your website. No coding is required.
  • You can add unlimited products to your store.
  • You can promote and sell your products through multiple sales channels within Shopify.
  • You have access to live data, analytics, and much more.

Which Shopify Plan (Starter or Basic) is Best?

The answer depends on you.

It depends on your business needs, plan, and goals for your online business.

You can start with the Starter plan to check it out, and as soon as you see growth in your business, then it’s time for an upgrade.

With Shopify now offering a $1 trial with two months FREE on selected plans, you can launch your business in 2023. So, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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